What people are saying about Pam

"Pam's mental health treatment and medicinal treatment have helped to improve the quality of my life, my relationships and my peace of mind and to help me view and approach my mental health holistically; mind, body and spirit. Upon beginning my treatment with Pam, she immediately recognized that the medication I had been on was likely not ideal for my condition and discontinued that plan. She prescribed a different medicine for my primary condition along with nutritional supplements, which have made a huge difference in my quality of life and mental health."


"Pam has an amazing and unique ability to balance clinical psychological therapy with nutritional and medicinal care. In my experience and history with mental health professionals, no other person I've worked with has taken this approach. Pam's commitment to constantly researching and learning about new treatment methods, nutritional and medicinal aids is amazing and she truly seems excited to learn new ways of care for her patients." 


"Pam understands and explains the science behind ADD and addiction. By separating the real facts from all the emotions associated with the issues, she enables you to acknowledge and appreciate that, as hard and screwed up everything feels (and very well may be), it all makes sense. This is empowering. She enables you to see the much bigger picture, from a holistic, spiritual and scientific perspective. Pam guides you to find the tools within yourself to create the life you desire."


"Pam really listens to what you say, and asks questions to make yourself think more about an issue, in order to help work through it. She also gives wonderful unbiased advice and feedback. She truly cares about helping you to fix issues you may be having, instead of just throwing some pills at you to act as a Band-Aid. Pam helps you through to heal the wound beneath. I would describe her services as immensely helpful in dealing with issues and problems you cannot fix by yourself. I am a different (and better) person now, from who I was before I started seeing her."