Holistic Psychiatric Services

In addition to assisting patients in weaning off of psychiatric medications and moving towards holistic wellness, Dr. Shervanick educates and implements other health-enhancing life changes. With her unique mind-body-spirit approach to psychiatric healing, she empowers clients to see their differences as gifts, supporting them to embrace themselves and create a life that they are in love with.

Dr. Shervanick also educates clients about the toxicity of pharmaceuticals and reveals the dangers in the current paradigm of Western Medicine.  In this approach, clients are shown how underlying beliefs create reality — including their state of health — in a clear, concise and easily-understood manner.  She also helps client understand that if they believe they are broken, their brains and bodies will obey; undoing this pathological programming is a large part of the work as there is no actual pathology within them.

Nutritional & Orthomolecular Psychiatry  

Dr. Shervanick teaches clients how to see through “healthy” trends that are not in fact healthy, guiding them to a real nutritional path to health through education, emotional support and an easy-to-follow guide to transform ingrained eating habits.  

One critical step in creating a personalized path to wellness is identifying nutrient deficiencies through lab work. When combined with the history and knowledge of a client's epigenetics, this data allows Dr. Shervanick to create a treatment plan to reverse malnutrition on the microscopic level through supplements, herbs and diet and lifestyle changes.

Hypnotherapies (including Past Life Therapy)

Tools are necessary to reprogram the subconscious and the autonomic nervous system to change epigenetics, and hypnosis is a very effective tool in this work. Recorded guided hypnosis meditation and affirmations assist in the flooding of the brain necessary to transform a person’s belief system and their reality.  For some clients, Past Life Therapy can also allow for healing in a person’s auric field, both physically and mentally. This type of therapeutic modality also significantly speeds up a person’s ability to change their epigenetics and, u their life.

Meditation Support

There are modalities that change epigenetics powerfully, and meditation is perhaps the most profound  Dr. Shervanick is a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza and assists clients in following this path upon request. In addition to Dr. Dispenza's technique, there are other meditation programs that greatly assist clients in working towards personal transformation and the healing of their mind, body and spirit.