Healing for mind, body & spirit.

My modalities include uncovering specific vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in the physical body with targeted supplemental replacement to reverse dis-ease states, and nutritional, food choice and lifestyle guidance to transform the daily essence of the physical and mental self.  Also, meditation techniques and philosophies, as well as past-life regression therapy and other hypnotic methods to find internal guidance on this path, along with supportive inspiration and love, are all tools that I use when working with you.

Personalized Treatment

I am compelled to help individuals with chronic disease, including cancers, find appropriate alternative healing pathways and support them through a collaborative plan designed by the patient and myself. 


Other offerings include online and live seminars and classes to educate individuals so that they are equipped to be their own healers and feel inspired to walk this path. These events bring people together who are of like-mind.  Great health as a result of people living in loving, supportive, close-knit communities are historically documented as the most health promoting force on our planet. We are energy beings that have additive power when put together in a positive way.  Helping people of the same tribe finding each other on this planet is a large part of my mission.